Kawah Putih Crater Lake

Kawah Putih Crater Lake

Another popular volcano is Kawah Putih crater lake which is located at the south of Bandung. This crater lake is part of Patuha volcano which is also another active volcano in West Java province. Below is the itinerary for the south Bandung tour:

Kawah Putih Crater Lake Itinerary

  • Pick up from the hotel
  • Kawah Putih Volcano Bandung
    Our first destination is now going to Ciwidey city where Kawah Putih (literally means ‘White Crater’) is located. Due to the long distance between Ciwidey and Bandung, it’d be best that you leave the hotel early in the morning, especially during high season.
  • Tea plantation
    Enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of tea plantation in southern Bandung which is also one of the most popular photography objects in Bandung
  • Strawberry farm
    The next destination is the strawberry farm where you can pluck the strawberries direct from the plants.
  • Ranca Upas Deer Reservation
    In this place you’ll get the opportunity to really see how deer are kept in their natural habitat. Feel free to feed them or even take some pictures with this lovely creatures!
  • Patenggang Lake
    This magnificent lake is located not too far from the crater lake. You can reach this Patenggang lake within less than 15 minutes from Kawah Putih.
  • Lunch at a nearby restaurant
  • Shopping at factory outlets
    Last but not least, we’ll take you to another popular shopping destination in Bandung where you can find many factory outlets within walking distance.
  • Dinner at a nearby restaurant
  • Drop off at your hotel in Bandung

Kawah Putih Tour FAQs

Q: What does ‘Kawah Putih’ actually mean?
A: The word ‘Kawah’ actually means ‘crater’ in Indonesian and the word ‘Putih’ means ‘white’, therefore ‘Kawah Putih’ means ‘White Crater’.

Q: How far is Kawah Putih from Bandung?
A: Kawah Putih is located nearly 49 kilometers from Bandung.

Q: When is the best time to go to Kawah Putih?
A: As it takes at least 2.5 hours to reach the crater lake, it’s recommended that we pick you up at your hotel in Bandung early in the morning, or at 8 am the latest, especially on long weekends and other holiday seasons which can take much longer time to reach Kawah Putih.

Q: How long can we stay in the crater area?
A: Due to the strong sulfur concentrate in the air, it’d be better that we stay for no more than 30 minutes in the area. However if you have asthma or other respiratory problem, we’d advise that you don’t stay for too long at Kawah Putih.

Q: What should we bring to the crater?
A: We’d recommend that each tour participant wears a good quality of mask to protect you from strong sulfur concentrate in the air.

Q: Can we touch the water in the crater lake?
A: The water in the lake is very acidic therefore we wouldn’t recommend you to touch it.

Q: What is the altitude of Kawah Putih?
A: It is located at 2,430 meters above sea level so the temperature can drop up to 10 degrees Celsius, especially in rainy seasons.

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kawah putih crater lake