4 Tips to Make Your Lovina Vacation More Enjoyable


A vacation in Bali, Indonesia can be a relaxing and rewarding experience – however, a few simple bits of advice can make all the difference between a good vacation experience and a great vacation experience. Known for its laid back atmosphere, playful dolphins and reasonable costs, Lovina is one of north Bali’s most popular tourist draws. Here are a few useful tips to make sure you get the most out of your stay in Lovina:

1. Dolphin sighting trips are one of the biggest tourist draws in the area. Expect to be offered trips from numerous tour operators, although it’s best you arrange such a trip from operators associated with your hotel. While dolphins are very friendly and generally approach passing boats, they are still wild animals do not perform on cue – it helps to keep an open mind and be patient on these trips. When the dolphins do come though, the experience is something you will never forget.

2. Consider visiting Lovina in the off season. Bali can get very crowded on the tourist season which typically runs during the summers and in the Christmas and New Year holidays. Visiting Bali outside the peak seasons when the tourists are away will get you discounts on everything from hotel accommodations to activities and outings. This will help you achieve mega-savings when staying in Lovina; a town already cheaper than most of south Bali.

3. While there is no shortage of transportation options when staying in Lovina, the humble bicycle is often the best way to experience Lovina Beach. Cycling provides a more intimate mode of transportation and is ideal to traverse the few kilometre stretch of Lovina Beach. While the roads of northern Bali are nowhere near as chaotic as the roads in the south, they still need some getting used to. Give yourself enough time to acclimatize to the seemingly unpredictable traffic patterns if you’re planning to cycle on the main road.

4. Bargain for better rates! Have a little chat with the front desk staff. In many of the smaller hotels and guest houses in Lovina this can get you significant discounts on room rates. This is especially effective during the off-season when hotel operators are eager to fill vacant rooms.

Source by Anwar H