Rental KIA Pregio Bandung

Coming to Bandung without having a car would be troublesome. Our Bandung car rental company offers you a series of fleet that you can choose which car suits you best to accompany you during your holiday in the city of Bandung. Our vehicle starts from Toyota Avanza to 59-seater tourism bus which is suitable for large group of people.

Why Rent a Pregio Car in Bandung

If you’re coming with only 4 or 5 persons within your group, then hiring a Toyota Avanza would be just enough. However if you’re planning to come to Bandung with a larger group of people such as 7 or even 9 persons, then you might want to consider a larger type of transportation.

Pregio is a 10-seater van manufactured by KIA Motors. This 4-door van has a length of 4,820 mm, width of 1,810 mm, and height of 1,970 mm. This 2,476 cc van can have maximum speed of 142 km/h. Unlike the MPV type which uses gasoline as fuel, KIA Pregio uses diesel as its fuel. Beside in Indonesia, KIA Pregio is also available in South Korea and Brazil under different names. Classified as a light commercial vehicle, KIA Pregio is a perfect choice if you want to explore the city of Bandung with ease.

Just like other kinds of transportation, KIA Pregio has also some safety features installed, such as safety belts, dual air bags, and central lock. It also has air conditioner with double blower system to ensure the comfort of the passengers sitting at the middle and the back seats. However unlike the Toyota Avanza and Toyota Innova, most Pregios still don’t have power window system. The windows are still operated manually. This might not be seen as a drawback, as this kind of system might be preferable if you’re planning to go to the Safari Park where you can open the window manually to feed the animals within the zoo.

There are several reasons why people hire this Pregio car in Bandung:

  1. Hiring Pregio Car in Bandung is Affordable

Unlike the other types of diesel vans, Pregio is considered a very affordable type of van which can accommodate up to 10 persons (without baggage) or up to 7 people (with baggage). So if you’re traveling on a tight budget, then Pregio could be your best option.

  1. It has Slimmer Body

If you’re planning to explore the crowded areas of Bandung, then hiring a large van is not a very wise option. In this case a KIA Pregio would be a better alternative to choose as it can go through the streets much more easily than larger vans. Furthermore, the back seats can also be folded to create more free space to store your extra luggage.

The Cons of Hiring a Pregio Car in Bandung

Aside from the pros above, there are also other cons of hiring this Pregio.

  1. It has limited space compared to bigger vans

If you’re traveling with a large group of people, then you might want to choose for larger type of van, especially if you also have a lot of luggage within your group.

  1. It is not recommended for far distance

If you’re planning to travel quite far, say from Jakarta to Bandung, or from Bandung to other cities, then KIA Pregio is not the best option here. In this case a larger van would be more suitable for your need. However if your travel itinerary is only within the city of Bandung, then you can still use this KIA Pregio throughout the journey.

  1. It has less power than gas operated vehicles

Just like any other diesel operated vehicles, Pregio isn’t as powerful as Toyota Avanza or Innova. Therefore if you’re traveling within a group of up to 5 or 6 people and your itinerary includes visiting mountainous regions, then you might want to consider hiring a Toyota Avanza or Innova instead a KIA Pregio.

car rental in Bandung Pregio

Hiring Pregio in Bandung FAQs

Q: Our family of 9 is planning our trip to Bandung and most of us are large built. I’m wondering if Pregio would suit our group?

A: As we have other large types of vans, you might want to consider hiring a larger van for your comfort, especially if you also have a large number of luggage to bring to Bandung.

Q: When would be the best time to hire your vehicle as I’m still not sure when to come to the city yet?

A: It’d be best to book our car as soon as possible as we will close the car booking as soon as it’s fully booked. Especially if you’re planning to travel to Bandung on high seasons, such as long weekends, on the weekends, on other holiday seasons such as public holidays (New Year and Christmas) and school holidays.

Q: If we decide to rent your car in Bandung, what is the payment mode like?

A: For smaller types of vehicles such as Toyota Avanza, the tour payment can be made upon arrival in Bandung and we don’t need deposit at all. However as the demand for larger transportation is quite high especially during high seasons, a 50% deposit is required prior to your arrival in Bandung and the 50% balance is made upon your arrival in Bandung.

Q: If we decide to hire our car during our stay in Bandung, would it be possible for you to provide us a tour itinerary, complete with the timings?

A: No problem at all. We’d be very pleased to provide you a tour itinerary, complete with the tentative timings, so that it’d also be a lot easier for our driver to follow the tour program and estimate the travel time and distance. Just don’t hesitate to let us know all the places you’d like to include within the itinerary and we’ll arrange all places based on their proximity.

Q: Can we skip some places in the itinerary?

A: As it is a private tour, you can definitely skip any place(s) in the itinerary should you feel more suitable to your program.

Q: Can we add more places into the already arranged itinerary?

A: You can add more places into the itinerary, however it’d be best to let us know several days in advance if there are some changes in the itinerary so that we can rearrange the route in order to be able to cover all places in the program.

Q: How long is the time duration if we want to rent your car in Bandung?

A: Our car rental lasts for 12 hours for the same day. So if we pick you up at the hotel at 8 am, you’ll arrive at your hotel back at 8 pm. And if we pick you up at 9 am, you’ll reach your place back at 9 pm.

Q: Do you also have airport to hotel return transfer?

A: Yes, we do have airport to hotel return transfer. Just feel free to contact us for more information regarding Bandung or Jakarta airport pick up or transfer (shuttle) service or any other Bandung car rental related info.