Rental Daihatsu Luxio Bandung

There are quite a lot of car rental companies in Bandung, but not many of them who has Daihatsu Luxio in their fleet range. Get Voucher Car Rental in Bandung offers you a wide variety of fleet, starting from 5-door MPVs which are the most popular family cars in Indonesia, to 59-seater tourism buses which are suitable for those who plan to come to Bandung with a large group of people, such as family gathering, reunions, company outing activity, school’s study group, and many more.

Rental Daihatsu Luxio Car Bandung

From so many choices of fleet, which one is more suitable for your group? If you plan to travel to Bandung only within small group consisting of up to 4 or 5 people, then a Toyota Avanza would be just adequate for you. However if you prefer more space, then you can consider hiring a Daihatsu Luxio instead. Not many people are aware of the existence of this type of vehicle. But actually it is one of the most spacious MPVs in its class. Read on to get more info regarding Daihatsu Luxio car rental in Bandung.

The Pros of Hiring Daihatsu Luxio in Bandung

Just as the name implies, Luxio is designed and manufactured by one of the well-established Japanese automobile companies, Daihatsu. Actually the design itself is done by Daihatsu Japan while it is assembled in Daihatsu Indonesia. Its interior and exterior design is very compatible to its precedence, called Daihatsu Gran Max, and Luxio was produced as the higher passenger specification of its version. The only difference with its precedence is in its size which is wider, taller, and a bit longer. And the word ‘Luxio’ itself actually means ‘a touch of luxury’ to its overall design and package.

Since it was first manufactured in the year of 2009, the sales of this MPV has increased each year, which almost competes its rival, Toyota Avanza. You might wonder what are the differences between Luxio and Avanza. One noticeable difference lies in its door. Luxio uses sliding doors in the middle section while Avanza uses the usual non-sliding doors. Another difference is the larger space in the middle part of Luxio which is not available in Avanza.

Below are more pros of hiring a Daihatsu Luxio during your travel in Bandung:

  1. Luxio Has More Space

Unlike Avanza, Luxio has more space in the interior. This is more suitable for you who plan to come to Bandung with a group of 5 or 6, or if you need more space for the passengers sitting in the second row of the car. It is also very suitable for you who plan to do a shopping trip in Bandung so that you can put all your goods or luggage not only at the back part of the car, but also in the second row of the car.

  1. Luxio is More Light Weight

Compared to Avanza, Luxio is more light weight, resulting in easier to maneuver the car.

The Cons of Hiring Daihatsu Luxio in Bandung

Below are some cons of hiring a Daihatsu Luxio that you should know about:

  1. Interior and Exterior Design

Unlike Avanza and other Toyota MPVs, Luxio’s interior and exterior design is less preferable.

  1. It Lacks of ABS System

Even after the overall facelift, Daihatsu Luxio is still lacking its air bags security system.

However despite the above constraints, many people still choose Luxio over other types of MPVs due to its lower sales price in the market. In the year of 2009 when it was first launched in the market, Luxio reached nearly 4,600 units in sales. While in the following year (2010), it reached nearly 6000 units in sales, which was almost the same number of sales as Avanza.

Daihatsu Luxio Car Rental in Bandung FAQs

Q: Our family of 4 is in the middle of planning a trip to Bandung, Indonesia, and we’re still not sure whether to rent a Toyota Avanza or Daihatsu Luxio. We are all in our mids 20s to 40s, no kids, no elderly people. Please kindly advise.

A: You can hire either an Avanza or Luxio as both has the same rental price.

Q: What is the width, length, and height of this Daihatsu Luxio?

A: Luxio is 1,665 mm in width, 4,165 mm in length, and 1,915 mm in height.

Q: How many people can a Daihatsu Luxio accommodate?

A: Daihatsu Luxio can accommodate up to 7 people (or 8 people with driver), on condition that there is no luggage or very small luggage. However if there is also luggage, it can accommodate up to 4 or 5 adults (not included the driver) as we can fold the back seats to create more space for the luggage. So if there is no airport to hotel return transfer required, a group of up to 7 people still can use this type of vehicle.

Q: How many people can sit in the front seat, beside the driver?

A: Unlike the public transportation in Bandung which allows 2 people sitting in the front row, or 3 people including the driver, for Daihatsu Luxio there is only one person is allowed to sit in the front row beside the driver.

Q: Do you provide Luxio car rental in Bandung without a driver?

A: Truly sorry that up to now we only provide car rental in Bandung by including our driver which is more convenient for your overall trip in Bandung. All of our drivers are local people and therefore they are all very familiar with the traffic and road conditions in the city of Bandung and its surrounding cities.

Q: What does your Bandung car rental fee include?

A: Our Bandung car rental fee already includes a car with good air conditioner, a driver, fuel (gasoline or diesel), driver’s meals allowance, and free itinerary arrangement. Therefore you don’t need to give any more money to our driver for his meals as everything is already included in the total car rental price. Subsequently our rental price is very reasonable and is highly competitive with other car rental companies which usually don’t include the driver’s meals allowance each day.

Q: How much is the tipping?

A: Tipping is not a must in our company. If you’re satisfied with our driver’s performance, please feel free to give the tipping directly to our driver at the end of the trip. Our car rental company prioritizes our customers’ satisfaction and safety above everything else and our system has carefully been designed to reach our utmost company goals.

For more information regarding car rental in Bandung, please do not hesitate to contact us.