Bandung Van Rental

Looking for a reliable van rental in Bandung, Indonesia? Considering going to Bandung with a large group of people but not sure what kind of vehicle you should hire? Then why not hiring our vans which can accommodate up to 11 people (or even 19 people for the long one)?

All of our vehicles are very well maintained with very knowledgeable drivers. So if you’re planning your vacation in Bandung or its surrounding cities, then hiring our van might be the best solution for your holiday success!

Why Hiring a Van in Bandung

There are many good reasons why you should rent a van during your holiday in Bandung, some of those are as follow:

  1. You’re traveling with a large group of people

If there are up to 11 people within your group, then you might want to hire a van to bring you to various places in Bandung. Traveling in Bandung wouldn’t be so convenient if you don’t have your own transportation. And traveling by public transport isn’t the best option either if you’re traveling in a large group of people as the total cost might even be much more than you expect. Hiring a large vehicle with a local driver is the smart way of traveling in Bandung as you’ll save a lot of your precious time here.

Some of you might wonder if our 11-seater van also has enough space for your luggage. You don’t have to worry about this as our 11-seater van (or 12-seater with the driver) doesn’t include a large space for your luggage so your comfort is guaranteed. There are 3 rows behind the driver, and one row can accommodate 3 adults. There are also 2 additional seats beside the driver (at the front row) so the total of passengers would be 11 plus the driver.


  1. Your comfort is guaranteed.

As our van is specifically designed for many passengers, the seats, interior, and exterior of the vehicles are carefully designed to meet the highest standard of comfort. So no matter where you’re planning to go in Bandung, whether you’re planning to go to a volcano, outskirt area, beaches, or simply shopping, you can always rely on our vans.

Bandung van rental

Bandung Van Rental FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Bandung van rental that you might have:

Q: Do you provide an English speaking tour guide, too, beside a driver?

A: Yes, we can provide an English speaking tour guide upon request with additional cost.

Q: Do you provide an English speaking driver?

A: Most of our drivers can speak basic English, enough to communicate with our customers. As 90% of our customers are English speaking, including those from Singapore, Europe, and Australia, most of our drivers are used to taking care of them and so far they never have any problem communicating with the English speaking guests. However as they are basically drivers, not a tour guide, they can’t explain things and places in great details like a tour guide does. Therefore if you need a thorough explanation regarding places you’re going to visit in the tour itinerary, then hiring an English speaking tour guide would highly be recommended.

Q: If I’m to hire your van, what is the payment like?

A: If you decide to hire our van, we require a 50% deposit which can be transferred to our bank account or Paypal. The balance is made upon arrival in Bandung on day 1.

Q: Aside from the van rental cost, do I also have to pay for the driver’s accommodation and meals?

A: It depends on which package you take. If you take the premium complete tour package, then you don’t have to worry about our driver’s accommodation and meals. However if you take the basic Bandung van rental package, then you’ll be responsible for our driver’s accommodation and meals.

Q: Is it possible to rent your van in Bandung but to exclude the driver and tour guide?

A: We’re so sorry but it’s not possible to rent our van in Bandung without our driver. It is because in order to drive a van, you need to have a special driver’s license which is different from the normal driver’s license for driving a normal 4-wheel car. Therefore if you’re interested in hiring our van, then the price also already includes a driver. But hiring an English speaking tour guide is not a must.

Q: Do you also provide a Chinese speaking driver?

A: Truly sorry that up to now we do not have any Chinese speaking drivers.

Q: Can we add more seats to the van?

A: It depends on the model of the van. Some models allow you to add more seats so an 11-seater would become a 14-seater as we can only add 1 more row at the back and 1 row can accommodate 3 adults (or 4 kids).  However if there are only 11 people or less within your group, then we don’t recommend adding 1 more row of seat at the back of the van so that there is more space to store your goods and luggage at the back side.

Q: Do you think a baby stroller and a wheelchair plus our luggage for 10 people would fit into the baggage of the van?

A: According to our experience, as long as there are only 10 pieces of luggage of medium size plus a baby stroller and a wheelchair, they all can fit into the baggage.

Q: In case we have more luggage and it can’t fit into the back of the van, would it be possible to put the extra goods elsewhere inside the van?

A: Yes, it’s still very possible especially if the size of the luggage is not too big. You can put the extra luggage or goods in the second row (behind the driver) of the seat where there is a little bit extra space just behind the front seats.

Q: If we decide to rent your van during our trip in Bandung, how much will the parking fee will be? Is the parking cost the same as small cars?

A: The parking fee for van is higher than that of a small car. The parking fee for a small car (including MPV such as Avanza and Innova) is Rp 2,000 per place while the parking fee of a van is usually Rp 5,000 per place. However the fee might differ in some tourism places.

For more info regarding our Bandung car rental or any other types of cars, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our quotation.