Car Rental Bandung

Car Rental Bandung

As one of the biggest cities in Indonesia, the city of Bandung has gained so much popularity among both the local and foreign travelers, especially those coming from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and Europe. This brings us both the pros and cons. The city of Bandung has always been one of the most visited places during holiday season, resulting in congested streets in many areas, especially those leading to tourist attraction places including those located in the northern and southern parts of the city.

Visiting the so-called “flower city” without any transportation during your trip to Bandung wouldn’t be so convenient, especially when you’re traveling with small children or elderlies. It is because the public transportation system is not yet as good as that in many countries, like in Singapore or Malaysia where travelers can simply choose any public transportation they want without any hassle. Hence Getvoucher Car Rental as the leading car rental in Bandung offers you a series of fleet with very competitive rental price. Our vehicle starts from MPV series, the most popular family car that can fit up to 5 to 6 persons, such as Toyota Avanza, to much bigger one such as the 59-seater tourism bus, all of which are in very good condition and very well maintained.

Being the coolest biggest city in Indonesia, Bandung has attracted many visitors in every holiday season. Investors have seen the potentiality of the city and started building more and more tourist attractions and hotels. This has boosted the locals’ economy and increased the overall country’s income. Unfortunately the increased number of cars running on the streets of Bandung isn’t accompanied by the growth of the streets’ width itself, resulting in many traffic jams in almost every holiday season, including school holiday. Unfortunately relying on the city’s public transportation isn’t the best solution for this problem yet so engaging in the car rental Bandung would be the best answer to this problem.

Type of Rented Car

As the leading car rental Bandung city has, we have a wide series of fleet, starting from the 7-seater Toyota Avanza, 11-seater van, 19-seater van, to 59-seater tourism bus. For small groups of people, such as 2 to 5 persons, we’d advise that you could rent our Toyota Avanza. This type of MPV is also rented by our car rental Bandung. What about a solo traveler? No worries. Even if you’re a solo traveler who is planning to have a trip to Bandung, you can also rent our Avanza car in Bandung with very reasonable rental price.

However if you’re planning a larger group tour consisting of 7 to 11 persons, then an 11-seater van would accommodate you better.

All of our transportations in our car rental Bandung are very well maintained and full air con.

The Package of Car Rental Bandung

Our car rental Bandung package has very competitive rental price. All of our drivers have fully been trained of how to take care of our valuable customers and they are all highly knowledgeable of the streets in Bandung and its surrounding areas. We also provide free itinerary arrangement for every traveler which is adjusted to each traveler’s flight schedule. The car rental Bandung package already includes our car, a driver, fuel (gasoline or diesel), free itinerary arrangement, and the driver’s meals allowance. So you don’t need to pay extra money each day for the driver’s lunch and dinner.

The car rental Bandung package doesn’t include your meals, entrance tickets to tourism objects, parking and toll fees, hotels, and any personal expenses. However what if you also want to include an accommodation during your holiday in Bandung? No worries. We also have a wide range of hotels you can choose for those who engage in our Bandung car rental.  All of our hotels are carefully selected and located in “hot spot” areas only. However if you decide to book the car rental Bandung package complete with the hotel as well, a 50% deposit is required to secure the hotel room prior to your arrival in Bandung.

What if you also want a full Bandung tour package from us, including transportation, meals, and hotels? Not a big deal at all. Simply let us know for how many people in total (any kids, how old), your flight details, and we’ll send you the complete tour itinerary with very competitive tour price.

The Best Car Rental Bandung

As the leading car rental Bandung company, Getvoucher car rental is not only experienced in handling the English speaking customers, but we always do our best to be the best car rental Bandung can have. We have very strict rules for all of our drivers to always treat our customers as best as possible, and as part of our big family members. Our drivers’ high commitment and integrity to the company have been part of our car rental company’s big success throughout the years.

Our fleet varies from MPV class, Toyota Hi Ace, KIA Pregio, short and long vans that can accommodate up to 19 passengers, to tourism buses ranging from 31-seaters, 40-seaters, to 59-seaters. You can simply contact us easily either via email or whatsapp for faster response, and we’re available 24/7 to ensure you to get the easiest access possible.

All of our drivers are fully experienced and licensed. And we only provide drivers who are strongly committed to give the very best service to all of our guests as our customers’ satisfaction and safety are our utmost priority of all.

With over 35 years of experience, Getvoucher car rental Bandungwould be more than pleased to be part of your memorable holiday in Bandung. All you have to do is simply contact us either via email or text us via whatsapp, and let us know your flight details in Bandung airport (your flight arrival time in Bandung as well as your flight departure time from Bandung), the number of passengers in total (and how many kids, and how old), and also all the places you’d like to include in the tour itinerary. All if you’re clueless about places of interests in Bandung, you can also let us arrange the tour itinerary based on your flight schedule and all you have to do is simply sit nicely in the car. It’s just as simple as that!

car rental bandung

Let Our Driver Take You to Explore Bandung

Renting a car including a driver would definitely make your holiday a lot easier and more enjoyable. You don’t need to waste time searching and waiting for public transportation to pick you up each time you want to move to other places. You don’t even need to negotiate the price each time you’ve found a car or taxi, and you don’t need to be bothered nor confused either driving in busy streets of Bandung as we already provide you a very knowledgeable driver to take you everywhere in the city.

Driving your own car can be frustrating and very challenging in Bandung, especially if you don’t speak the local language as most locals don’t speak English. Hiring a car in Bandung would be the best solution for your holiday comfort in Bandung. Just trust us to be part of your holiday in Bandung, and let us do the rest!

There are so many beautiful and interesting places of interests to visit in the city. Some of those are Tangkuban Perahu volcano, Sari Ater hot spring resort, tea plantation, floating market, De Ranch, Civet Coffee farm, Farm House, The Amazing Art World, rainbow waterfall, bamboo village, strawberry farm, the White Crater, and shopping places (shopping centers and factory outlets), famous cafes, historical buildings in Bandung, and many more.  And we strongly believe that only an experienced and fully dedicated car rental company in Bandung can give you such a memorable experience in Bandung.

Therefore even without driving your own car which would be very confusing, you’ll still be able to enjoy your holiday in Bandung. provides you not only car rental Bandung service, but also a reliable driver to take you anywhere to explore the city of Bandung.

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