Best Night Life Activities in Bandung

What is night life in Bandung like? What can you do at night in Bandung? Well, if you plan to travel to this capital of West Java in the near future or looking for a suitable Bandung trip planner, then you should start planning what you and your friends are going to do when in the evening.

 Best Spots for Night Life in Bandung

There are certainly certain areas in Bandung which are more happening than the others after the sun sets. Some of these are:

  1. Cihampelas Street

This so-called denim street is one of the most popular districts in the city of Bandung. If you come here during the day, the traffic is almost very bad, especially on weekends and any holiday seasons. However if you are looking for a good night life, then this street can be your choice.

What can you find here at night? The most crowded area is around and inside Ciwalk, which is the biggest shopping center on Cihampelas street. You can find karaoke, disco and cinema here other than the usual stuffs such as shopping and restaurants. If you don’t want to have all the hassle of coming here at night and get trapped in traffic jam, then you can consider staying in a 4-star hotel here, called Sensa Hotel, or other hotels just across this area, such as Aston Tropicana, Fave Premier and Serela.

  1. Braga Street

Bandung people nickname this street as the street which never sleeps. If you like watching live music or watching soccer match on a big screen TV together with the crowds while having some drink, or simply playing pool, then this is the place. This is the only area in Bandung where you can find alcoholic drinks pretty easily, unlike in any other areas here. If you come here during the day, you will see many beautiful paintings sold at the road side of the road or in many art galleries here. Or if you are into antique goods, you may want to try your luck here as there are several very recommended antique stores here which have been there since the early 1930’s.

  1. Jamika Street

If you are more adventurous type and more interested in seeing what the locals do in the evening, then you should probably go to Jamika Street. If you come here after 6 pm, you will see some people start building up their tents and getting ready to start their business soon. The locals like to come here for night shopping. What can we find here? Well, we can find almost everything for sale here, from any kinds of clothing, street food, cheap electronics, pirated DVDs and MP3s, sandals and shoes, household appliances, everything is in good bargain. Just one tip if you really want to come here at night. Beware of pickpockets. There are so many crowds here and that’s why pickpockets are quite common here. Do not bring too much money with you. And what are the closest hotels to this place? You can consider staying at Harris Hotel City Link or Pop Hotel City Link.

Many people say the city is very quiet in the evening and there are no many attractions here. But night life activities just never die in Bandung.