Bandung City Tour

Looking for the best Bandung city tour itinerary? What are there to see in the city of Bandung? Are there any nice places to visit? Well, read on and you will get the answers.

Bandung City Tour Package

Below is the most popular Bandung city tour package:

  1. Satay Building

Satay Building or Gedung Sate as the locals call it is one of the historical buildings in the city of Bandung. It was first built in the 19th century and was completed in 1920. Its architectural style adopted the New Indies Style Dutch Rationalism. This 3-storey building has floor area of nearly 28,000 meter square. It now serves as the official office of the governor of West Java province. This is also the popular place where the locals like to hang out every Sunday morning as there is a big Sunday morning market just across this building.

  1. Braga Street

Braga street was the most well-known area during the Dutch colonial era which served as a promenade street where boutiques, nice restaurants and cafes were located, making it as the popular place for the Dutch people to hang out and socialize. Nowadays this street is famous for selling paintings and antiques. This area is also known as one of the most famous night life activities which takes place in Bandung.

Braga Street Bandung Attractions

  1. Geological Museum

As the biggest and one of the most popular museum in Bandung, this place is the most visited museum in West Java province. Thousands of students from all over Indonesia come to visit this museum each week. The building itself was first established by the Dutch government in the late 19th century and was first opened to public in 1928. This place is a very interesting place to visit as we can teach our kids the history of our earth and this is also the place where we can find a huge dinosaur replica which is the popular photography object.

  1. The Asian African Conference Museum

As another popular museum in Bandung, this place has gained international recognition through many international events involving many Asian and African countries that took place in this building several times.

The Asian African Conference or Bandung Conference was first held in April 18 to 24, 1955, on Asia Afrika street in Bandung with 29 participant countries who were already or nearly independent at that time. And the 2nd Summit was held in both Jakarta and Bandung in 2005 and and 3rd Summit was again held in Jakarta and Bandung in 21-25 April 2015.

  1. Villa Isola

This building is located in northern Bandung and was completed in 1933. It was first used as a private home and later after the owner passed away it turned into a hotel. But now this historical building serves as a part of University of Education Indonesia. The building itself adapted art deco architectural style which was heavily influenced by Javanese philosophy. There are 2 large gardens within the area which the northern part adapts European style and the southern part occupied most of the complex.