Bandung Car Rental with Driver

Looking for a Bandung car rental with driver for your next holiday in Bandung? You’ve come to the right place as our Bandung rent car company offers you a wide choices of vehicles that you can choose, starting from the family car such as MPV like Toyota Avanza and Innova, vans (14-seater and 19-seater), to tourism buses.

Bandung Car Rental With Driver Payment System

Our Bandung car rental with driver payment system is also very flexible and easy. You don’t need to send us deposit if you’re interested in hiring our MPV car as car hire payment can be done directly to our representative upon your arrival in Bandung. However if you’d like to hire our big vehicles, a 50% deposit is required prior to your arrival in Indonesia so that we can proceed your car rental booking.

All of our cars are very well maintained and all of our drivers know the traffic and streets very well in Bandung so you don’t need to worry about anything else. Some people might wonder why you still need to hire a car with a driver in Bandung, and wondering if it is possible for you to drive the car yourself in Bandung without the help of a local driver at all.

Why Engage in Bandung Car Rental with Driver

Actually although this is possible, it’d not be so convenient if you drive yourself here in the city of Bandung. It is because the traffic condition in Bandung, Indonesia, is so different with those in your own country such as Singapore and Malaysia. The traffic here in Bandung can be very confusing as there are so many one way road and sometimes the traffic police also change the lane or block the road so that as a driver you are very much challenged to find the alternative streets here.

That wouldn’t be possible if you drive yourself here although you have your own GPS. It’d be even more difficult if you don’t speak Indonesian. Therefore the only way would be to contact our car rental company and ask for a Bandung car rental with driver. This would definitely give you more ease during your travel in Bandung.

Below are some advantages if you hire our car with driver:

  1. All of our drivers are local people so they know exactly the road and traffic condition in the city. They know for sure which alternative road to take if there is anything on the way to your destination.
  2. Since all of our cars are local drivers, they can speak local language including local dialect with others, making it easier for the drivers to communicate with people around them in case they need assistance on the road, such as asking for direction, etc.
  3. All of our drivers are fully experienced and highly professional. They are fully discipline and committed to the company.

Hiring a Car with Driver in Bandung FAQs

Q: Do I still have to pay for the driver’s meals during our trip?

A: Unlike other Bandung car rental company which requires you to give daily allowance to the driver, you don’t need to pay for our driver’s extra meals or drinks at all as we have given him daily allowance for them to buy meals and drinks.

Q: Do I have to provide them lodging too?

A: As all of our drivers are local people who stay in Bandung, you don’t have to pay for their accommodation at all. However if you’re planning to spend the night in other city outside Bandung such as Puncak or Bogor or Jakarta or any other cities, you’re required to give the driver a little allowance for him to find his own lodging.

Q: How much is the tipping for the driver if I decide to hire a car from your company?

A: Please feel free to give tipping to our driver if you feel that you are satisfied with their service. However we don’t have a certain amount of how much you should give tipping to our driver as tipping in our company is not a must.

Q: Do you have an English speaking driver?

A: Our drivers can understand the English language passively, and are able to communicate basic English to English speaking customers. However as basically they are drivers, not tour guides, they can’t explain in great details all the places in the itinerary. So far all of our drivers have no problem communicating with our English speaking guests though 90 percent of our guests are Singaporeans, Australians, Europeans, and Americans.

Q: How soon should I confirm my car rental booking with your company?

A: As soon as possible, especially if your travel period is in high season, so the sooner the better.

For more info regarding our Bandung car rental with driver, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

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