Bandung Attractions

Best Bandung Attractions

There are so many attractions in Bandung you should visit when traveling to the capital of West Java. Most tourism places are located in both the northern and southern area, which make you need at least 2 full days to visit those places. Many people ask if it is possible to visit all these Bandung attractions within 1 full day only. I would say ‘still possible’ as long as there is no traffic jam and you do not stay for more than 10 minutes in each place you visit. But I guess if you really want to really enjoy your vacation, you wouldn’t want to rush and would like to spend more of your time in each place, am I right?


So what are the popular places to visit in Bandung if you have limited time only and can’t stay for 2 full days here? If you have 1 full day only, it would be better if you go to the northern part where you can find more Bandung attractions than those in southern area. It is because there are more things to do in northern Bandung than in the southern area. Some of the places that you can visit in northern Bandung are Tangkuban Perahu active volcano, Sari Ater hot spring resort, Lembang floating market, tea plantation, strawberry farm, Rainbow waterfall, Bamboo Village, Farm House, etc.



As most of these Bandung’s points of interest can be reached within only 1 hour from Bandung airport, it is also still possible to visit all these attractions within the same day upon your arrival at the airport as long as you arrival time is before 10 am and there is no traffic jam on the way.

North and South Bandung attractions

Below are several nice places that you can visit in north Bandung:

And the places to visit in southern Bandung are:

  • The White Crater
  • Tea plantation
  • Patenggang Lake
  • Deer Reservation
  • Strawberry farm
  • Ciwidey Resort
  • Cimanggu hot spring resort

If you take local Bandung tour, your tour operator can arrange the best timing to enable you to visit all the places above. However if you take the tour on weekends, it would be best if you start the tour very early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam. Most Bandung city tours offer you to visit around the same places as above and normally you can take the 12-hour Bandung tour to finish all places in either northern part of southern part plus a little shopping time afterwards.

However if you are into shopping and nightlife so much and would love to join a full day Bandung shopping tour, you definitely need more than 2 full days in Bandung. If you want to have 2 full days of sightseeing and 1 full day of shopping then you need a 5-day Bandung tour at least. If you decide to engage in a tour agency, make sure to check the detailed itinerary first to see the points of interest or attractions they include in their Bandung city tour program.