Bandung Airport

Bandung Airport Fact

The airport in Bandung which is called Husein Sastranegara is located at 5 km north-west from the center of Bandung city. It was first built by the Dutch settlers in the early 1900s and it now has one terminal which caters for both domestic and international flights.

During the Dutch time the airport was named Andir Field and later after Indonesia Independence the name was changed to Husein Sastranegara which is the name of the local aviation hero from West Java Province.

The airport area which is as huge as 2,411.85 square meters or roughly around 26,000 square feet is integrated with the Indonesian Air Force Airport base. The new airport building which is a 3-storey building is estimated to be able to handle about 1 million passengers each year.

Not many people are aware that the owner of Bandung airport is Indonesian Air Force while the airport operator is PT Angkasa Pura II which is also the same operator of Jakarta airport and many other airports in Indonesia.

The airport is located at 742 meters above sea level (around 2,436 feet) and with its precise location is at 06°54′02″S 107°34′35″E. Many people have complaints regarding its very limited parking space, which sometimes makes a long traffic jam during holiday season. That is why we strongly recommend that you leave your home or hotel early (about 3 hours before your departure flight) in case the same traffic jam case happens again regardless the fact that it is located within the city center. However if you happen to be stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport, sometimes you can also find some motorcycle taxi along the way to the airport offering you to take to the airport faster. But make sure that you bargain first.

Now there are lots of food courts, restaurants and coffee shops as well as a convenience store at the airport where you can hang out or simply buy local food and drink while waiting for your departure.