Daily Car Rental Bandung

Daily Car Rental Bandung

As a fast growing resort city in West Java province, Bandung has attracted many travelers since many decades ago. Its rapid development not only has boosted the overall tourism industry in the city, but also created growth in many related sectors in the neighboring areas, such as Puncak, Garut, Pangandaran, and many more.

Traveling to other neighboring areas without having your own transportation would be a hassle. Therefore Get Voucher car rental offers you a very competitive daily car rental in Bandung complete with the driver. What is our daily car rental Bandung system like? Why to hire our car daily in Bandung? Read on… and by the end of this post you’ll get all the answers to your queries.

More about Daily Car Rental in Bandung

Just the name implies, our Bandung car rental is car hire system which you can pay on a daily basis. How long does it last for 1 day? Our daily basis means that you can rent our car in Bandung city for a minimum of 12 hours within the same day. This only includes the hire within the Bandung area, including north and south Bandung, such as Tangkuban Perahu volcano, White Crater, Patenggang Lake, Bamboo Village, Rainbow waterfall, and many other surrounding attractions.

Aside from this, we also have other daily car rental Bandung package B which allows you to visit other neighboring cities around Bandung, such as Puncak, Bogor, Cianjur, Jakarta, and Garut. This package allows you to rent our car for a maximum of 16 hours within the same day.

Why Rent Car in Bandung Daily

  1. Our daily car rental is more convenient than taking public transport.

Unlike in many big cities in the world, the public transportation in Indonesia, including Bandung, is not so traveler friendly. The only public transportations available in Bandung are city van, public bus, and taxi. Traveling around the city by city van is not so convenient. It is because all city vans in Bandung don’t have air conditioner and it’s also very normal for passengers to smoke inside the van. Yup! You read it right.

  1. Our daily car rental in Bandung has more access than a public bus.

What about traveling by a public bus? Public bus is considered more convenient and also sometimes cheaper than the city van. However you can’t go to many places in Bandung only by relying on this public bus as their access is very limited.

  1. Our daily car rental charges you much lower than a taxi does.

And what about traveling by taxi then? There are many choices of taxis you can choose in Bandung. However if you want to visit all the places included in our tour itinerary, the total fare if you travel by taxi would be much higher than if you engage in our daily car rental in Bandung. Not to mention the waiting time that you have to spare in each time before you get on another taxi. And it’s also not easy to find a taxi in some areas in Bandung.

Beside the daily car rental that you can choose during your stay in Bandung, we also have airport to hotel return transfer. However we’re truly sorry that at this moment we don’t have a half day car rent as we still have to pay our driver for full day regardless how many hours you rent our car.

Daily Bandung Car Rental Inclusion and Exclusion:

So what does our daily car rental cost include? Our daily Bandung car rental cost includes:

  • An MPV car (Toyota Avanza) which is full air conditioner,
  • An Indonesian/Malay speaking driver (with basic English),
  • Our driver’s meals allowance,
  • Gasoline,
  • Free tour itinerary,
  • Private tour.

What does our daily car rental cost exclude? Our daily Bandung car rental cost does not include the following fees:

  • Any personal expenses,
  • Parking and toll,
  • Your meals,
  • Your hotel,
  • Travel insurance,
  • Flight ticket,
  • Admission tickets to tourist attractions (person and car),
  • An additional charge of Rp 75,000 per hour after the 12-hour day tour.

Our Bandung Car Rental FAQs:

Q: How long does a car rental last within 1 day?

A: Our Bandung car rental lasts for 12 hours within the same day. We will still charge you the same even if you don’t finish the 12-hour usage.

Q: When should I confirm the car rental booking?

A: As our car rental policy is on ‘first come, first served’ basis, we’d strongly advise that you book our car as soon as possible, especially during high season, including long weekends and public holidays.

Q: What if we don’t want to visit all places in the tour itinerary provided by your car rental company?

A: As it is a private tour, you can definitely skip any place(s) that you don’t wish to visit. Simply tell the driver which place(s) you’d like to skip.

Q: What time am I picked up from my hotel in Bandung?

A: Normally we pick up our guests at 8 am. However please do let us know should you like to be picked up earlier or at later hours.

For more information regarding our daily Bandung car rental, please don’t hesitate to contact getvoucher.org.

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