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Are you considering going to Bandung in the near future? Our Bandung car rental company offers you a wide variety of fleet that you can choose, from a 5-door MPV such as Toyota Avanza, 11-seater van, 19-seater van, to tourism buses. If you’re traveling with your family of 6 or 7 persons in total, then hiring our Toyota Innova might be your best choice for your holiday in the city of Bandung.

Before you decide which car you’d like to rent for your holiday in Bandung, it’d be better to know some pros and cons of hiring this type of car first.

The Pros of Hiring Toyota Innova in Bandung

There are several considerations why some people prefer to rent a Toyota Innova over other types of vehicles.

  1. Toyota Innova has bigger size in terms of length and width. Compared to other MPV types, Toyota Innova is larger in size which would be more suitable if you are planning to travel to Bandung with more than 5 people in total, especially if shopping is your main travel agenda, therefore there will be a lot of more free space within the car itself.
  2. Hiring a Toyota Innova would also be the best option if you’re traveling with a baby or toddler who still needs a stroller along or an elderly who needs an extra space to store the wheel chair.
  3. Toyota Innova also offers greater comfort compared to other MPV such as Avanza.


The Cons of Hiring Innova in Bandung

Beside the above pros of hiring a Toyota Innova in Bandung, there are also some cons why hiring an Innova is a no.

  1. Toyota Innova consumes much more fuel than other smaller types of MPV such as Avanza therefore all Bandung car rental companies would charge you higher price if you decide to rent their Innova. Therefore if you’re traveling on a tight budget, then hiring a Toyota Avanza would still be the best option of all. Especially if you’re traveling only within a small group of people, say no more than 5 people in total. Therefore if there are only very few people within your group, like 2 to 4 people, then hiring an Avanza is still better than hiring an Innova. It is because the car rental cost to hire an Innova could be much higer than that of Toyota Avanza.
  2. A smaller type of vehicle can move much more easily and faster than other bigger types of MPVs. There are still many roads in Bandung which are not so wide so a smaller MPV such as Avanza would be better than an Innova.

More Info Regarding Innova Car Rental in Bandung

Just like any other types of MPVs, Toyota Innova is also a 5-door MPV that has been equipped with many safety features, such as 2 units of air bags located at the front section of the car, safety belts in the front and middle section of the car, as well as central lock system.

Innova has also similar entertainment features installed such as MP3, radio, USB, as well as other features to guarantee your comfort such as power window and double blower air conditioner system to ensure that all passengers, especially those sitting at the back seat, to be able to get cool air flow during the journey. The back seats can also be folded to create more space to store your belongings such as suitcases, bags, baby stroller, and wheelchair. If you’re a shopping enthusiast and planning to come to Bandung with a group of 5 or 6, and planning to buy a lot of things in the city of Bandung, then Toyota Innova would be a good idea for your group.

Bandung Innova Car Rental in Bandung FAQs

Below are some FAQs regarding hiring a Toyota Innova in Bandung:

Q: I’m planning to come over to the city of Bandung on the weekend and thinking of driving a car myself (I don’t need a driver) as I already have an international driver’s license. Would that be possible?

A: Truly sorry that at this moment most car rental companies in Bandung already provide a driver to accompany the guests during their stay in Bandung. It is because driving a car in Bandung would be a lot easier if there is a local driver driving you around the city so that your comfort and safety would be guaranteed. Unlike in any other cities in Indonesia, driving in Bandung could be a little bit challenging if you don’t know the streets here especially because the police can change the traffic flow out of the blue during special occasion such as long weekends to regulate the traffic. So for new comers who are not familiar with the traffic condition in Bandung, this kind of situation could be very challenging and confusing, especially if you do not speak the local language.

Q: If I’m to hire your car in Bandung, how long does it usually last?

A: Our car rental is for maximum of 12 hours within the same day.

Q: I’m interested in hiring your car in Bandung. However as I prefer to explore the city myself for the rest of the afternoon, would it be possible to hire the car for just a half day, say, from morning hours to afternoon hours only?

A: We’re truly sorry that at this moment we do not have half day car rental in Bandung. It is because we’d still have to pay our driver on their full day basis and we won’t be able to ‘sell’ the remaining hours to other guests who might also be interested in hiring our car, especially if it is on high seasons such as holiday seasons or long weekends. Also, if you’re planning to go to the volcano in the north or Bandung or planning to go to the White Crater in the south of Bandung, it is not possible to hire our car for just a half day only. It is because the travel time to either place in the north or the south takes quite a long time, not to mention the traffic jam which can occur at any time. Therefore the minimum hour to rent our car in Bandung is 12 hours within the same day.

Q: Would it be possible to rent your car a half day today and the other half on the following day?

A: Truly sorry that since we don’t have half day car rental policy at this moment, we will still charge you full day on each day so that the car rental fee would be for 2 full days.

Q: What time do you pick me at the hotel?

A: Normally our drivers pick up our customers at 8 am (Bandung or Jakarta time). And as it is a 12-hour day car rental service, so that you will arrive at your hotel back at 8 pm. Therefore to anticipate the traffic jam or any other forms of delays, we’d strongly advise that you leave your last destination at approximately 7.30 pm.

Q: Can I leave the hotel at later hour, say at 9 or 10 am?

A: You certainly can. However as the traffic gets more crowded at later hours, we’d recommend that you always leave your hotel early in the morning each day.

Q: Can I extend my car rental after the 12-hour day tour?

A: You definitely can. We only charge you Rp 75,000 per hour after the 12-hour day tour if you wish to extend the car. So if you wish to extend for 2 more hours, then the charge will be Rp 150,000 for an additional of 2 extra hours, and so on.

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