Bandung Car Rental Toyota Avanza

If you are looking for a Bandung car rental company that has an MPV, then you’ve come to the right place. With so many MPV types in Indonesia, it is undoubtedly that Toyota Avanza is the most popular type of MPV here in the country. Toyota Avanza is the recommended car you can hire if you plan to come to Bandung with a total of 2 to 6 persons as this MPV is highly reliable and comfortable.

Bandung Car Rental Toyota Avanza

If you’re interested in hiring a Toyota Avanza, then Get Voucher Car Rental in Bandung offers you a very affordable Toyota Avanza for hire during your holiday in the city of Bandung. As the name implies, many people think that Avanza was designed by Toyota itself, but actually it was first designed and manufactured by Daihatsu, the leading automobile manufacturer company from Japan and later it was marketed by Toyota. The car itself is assembled in Jakarta, Indonesia. And the company still has contract assembled in Malaysia as well.

Avanza is actually the most popular kind of MPV in Indonesia, with sales increases since it was first marketed in Indonesia more than a decade ago. As an entry level MPV, the car has a totally new modern design which is uniquely different from the preceding type of MPV. This new type of MPV was first introduced in the year 2003 in an automobile exhibition in Jakarta and it has been sold for more than one hundred thousand units within that year only. This success has continued to increase over the coming years and was also followed by the same success story in many other countries, such as Malaysia, Brunei, Pakistan, Singapore, and also in many South American countries such as Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

And within just less than 1 decade since it was first launched into the market, it has been sold for over one million units of Avanza and Xenia , which is a huge success to the automobile world in Indonesia’s history.

Rental Avanza Bandung

Being the number 3 biggest city in Indonesia, Bandung has always been the favorite place to visit since the eighteenth century. However it’d be very inconvenient if you come to Bandung without having any vehicle at all. Imagine if you already have a nicely set itinerary for your holiday here but can’t go anywhere due to transportation constraint. Therefore it’d be a good idea if you can hire a Toyota Avanza in Bandung that can take you and your family or friends anywhere in Bandung, including to northern part of Bandung (Lembang and the volcano area) as well as the southern part such as the White Crater and tea plantation area.

Our travel agent offers you a car rental package during your stay in Bandung that includes a driver and gasoline so you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Advantages of Avanza Bandung Rental Car

1.      Avanza Cars are Perfect for up to 5 Passengers

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner or even a small group (up to 5 to 6 persons), then this type of MPV is perfect to take you anywhere in Bandung.

2.      Avanza Cars is the Perfect Family Car

Being the number one MPV in Indonesia, Avanza is the perfect vehicle if you and your family are planning to spend your vacation in Bandung.

3.      Avanza Cars are Stylishly Designed

Toyota Avanza is the first most stylish MPV in Indonesia and its success was later followed by other types of MPVs. It is equipped with audio system such as radio, CD player, and USB, power window, central lock, and double blower air conditioner. It also has perfect safety features such as dual air bags and safety belts attached to each seat and fog lamps.

4.      Avanza Has Stunning Interior Design

As the car was carefully and artistically designed by Japanese car designers, the interior design is undoubtedly very stunning and modern.

5.      Avanza Car is Very Powerful

Being the most successful MPV and the most sold vehicles throughout the years, Avanza car has proved that its success is due to its very powerful and reliable machine.

6.      Avanza is the Most Reliable Vehicle

Avanza car has won appreciation for its complete safety feature as well as beautiful interior and exterior design.

7.      Avanza has Very Affordable Rental Fee

Considering all the above benefits, Toyota Avanza has very competitive rental fee and is definitely a perfect use for your transportation during your holiday in Bandung. If you’re traveling to the city of Bandung with tight budget then this type of MPV is a perfect choice as this vehicle is highly reliable.


More About Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza is a 5-door MPV with maximum output as high as 85 horse power. It consists of 2 generation series, the first ones which were manufactured before 2011 and the second one which was manufactured since 2011 until now. Get Voucher Car Rental in Bandung only offers you the newest (latest) edition to guarantee your comfort.

Avanza Car Rental FAQs

Q: We are a family of 7 and planning to have a holiday in Bandung. Is it possible to rent an Avanza during our stay in Bandung?

A: Though Avanza can accommodate up to 7 persons (not including the driver),  you can still hire our  Toyota Avanza on condition that you don’t need any spare to store the luggage. Therefore if you require an airport to hotel return transfer, then Avanza is not suitable for you and we’d suggest a bigger type of transportation instead, such as a large van which can accommodate up to 11 passengers, not including space for luggage. However if you’re traveling on a very tight budget, you can still use Toyota Avanza on the second or third day when you don’t need space for luggage.

Q: If we’re traveling within a group of 4 persons only and require a return airport to hotel transfer, would Avanza be suitable for us?

A: Yes, in that case you can definitely use a Toyota Avanza if there is a total of 4 adults only. It is because the back seats of Avanza can be folded to create a free space where you can put all your belongings at the back of the car.  And on the following day(s) when you don’t need to bring your luggage, we can restore the back seat to create more seats so that the 2 persons can sit at the back side which will be more spacious.

Q: Can we open all windows to allow for more air to flow in?

A: All windows can be opened except those located at the back side. However the double blower air conditioner system installed in the middle section can blow quite powerful cool air to the passengers sitting at the back seat.

Q: How long is the full day car rental in Bandung?

A: Our car rental lasts for 12 hours within the same day.

Q: Can we extend the car rental hour and how much the charge will be?

A: You can certainly extend the car rental hour if you require to and we charge only Rp 75,000 per additional hour after the 12-hour day tour.

Q: What is included and excluded in the car rental fees?

A: The car rental fee includes a driver, petrol, driver’s meals, and private tour guaranteed. And the fee doesn’t include parking and toll fees, accommodation, the passengers’ meals, and any personal expenses.

Q: Do you provide customized tour itinerary if we decide to hire your car in Bandung?

A: No problem at all. We can also provide you a fully customized tour itinerary based on your flight schedule whether you arrive at Bandung airport or Jakarta airport so that you can easily estimate how long you’d like to stay in each place.

Bandung Car Rental Toyota Avanza

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