Jakarta to Bandung

Planning to travel from Jakarta to Bandung? What is the best way to travel from Jakarta to Bandung? Actually there are several ways you can choose if you want to go to Bandung from the capital city of Indonesia.

  1. Train

Taking a train is considered the fastest and safest way to travel in Indonesia, including to Bandung. By paying only around Rp 115,000 per person, you can reach Bandung from Gambir station in central Jakarta in just 3 hours. However it is not convenient if you depart from Jakarta airport or wish to go to Jakarta airport as there is no train access to the airport area so you have to continue your journey with a city bus.
It is advisable that you pre-book your train ticket if you are traveling during holiday season(about 1 month before your travel period). You can also buy the ticket online which would be more convenient.

What is the advantage of taking a train? Below are some advantages if you take train to Bandung:

  • Safe and fast

Unlike traveling by car or shuttle bus, it is guaranteed that there is no traffic jam if you take a train to travel to Bandung.

  • More comfortable and spacious

Most tall people (especially the Europeans) do not feel so comfortable if they have to sit for hours in a crowded, cramped vehicle. So taking a train would be the best option.

  • Low cost

The price of train ticket is very affordable and competitive.

  1. Car

Many people also like riding their private car from Jakarta to Bandung and vice versa. It is considered better than taking a train especially if you’re heading to the airport where there is no train access. However you must spare a few hours before your departure time just in case of traffic jam which is very common in Jakarta, especially if you are traveling in high season. Traveling by private car is also considered the most expensive way to travel, including if you’re using rental car, as you have to pay for return gas consumption and highway cost.

  1. Shuttle Bus

There are lots of shuttle bus services direct from Jakarta airport to Bandung or from most downtown Jakarta areas to Bandung. With affordable price of around Rp 115,000 to Rp 135,000 per person (depending on location) you can also take shuttle bus from Jakarta to Bandung. However during holiday season you have to make reservation first to make sure that you’ve got seat.

  1. Public bus

You can also go to Bandung from Jakarta by taking public bus from Kampung Rambutan bus station. This is definitely the cheapest way to go to Bandung but also sometimes the slowest way to travel. However it is not so convenient to use public bus if you have a lot of luggage and traveling with small children and elderly people. Also please beware of pickpockets if the bus you’re riding happens to be full of passengers. Make sure that you do not accept any food or drink (including candy, fresh fruit, soft drink, etc) from any strangers.

Choose the best way to travel from Jakarta to Bandung wisely and it’d be better if you plan everything beforehand.

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