Bandung Travel Tips

Bandung Travel Tips

Traveling to Bandung in the near future? Don’t speak the language? Confused of where to go and what to do? Below are some useful tips for travellers who are coming to the capital of West Java. Read on…

  1. 2-hole or 3-hole electricity plug?

While most people use the 3-hole electricity plug, here in Bandung we use the 2-hole electricity plug, so if you’re traveling here, make sure that you bring along the electricity connector so that you can charge your camera or mobile phone.

  1. Always bargain like crazy!

If you plan to buy some souvenirs or something to bring home from Bandung, make sure that you bargain. But please be noted that all goods sold at factory outlets and big shopping centers have fixed price only. You can only bargain at these places below:
– Tangkuban Perahu: Do NOT bargain for 50%. Bargain for as low as 10%. Seriously.
– Pasar Baru: You can practice your bargaining power here. The same rule applies here. You can start bargaining at 30% except if you see a huge price tag hanging which means it has fixed price already. But if you see no price tag, then go ahead and start bargaining.
– Street vendors: Most street vendors don’t have fixed price. Only around 25% of street vendors have fixed price. If you see price tag, then it means fixed price. No more bargaining.

  1. Check the quality.

Anywhere you buy, either at a shopping center or factory outlet or from a street vendor, make sure that you check the product(s) carefully before buying them.

  1. Try first

All vendors (factory outlets, shopping centers, street vendors, etc) allow you to try the clothes first before you buy them. If you plan to go to Pasar Baru to buy some crackers, the sellers will also offer you some testers for free.

  1. Beware of pickpockets!

If going to Pasar Baru is inside your tour itinerary, then please be extra careful about pickpockets. This place is the most crowded one in Bandung and pickpockets are very common here. We have some useful tips here on how to avoid being pickpocketed. For ladies, don’t forget to always put your bag in front of your body, don’t let it hang at your side or worst, at your back. If you’re wearing backpack, always wear your backpack in front of your chest. For guys, don’t put anything (including mobile phone and money) in your back pocket.

  1. Taxi scam

Not all taxi drivers are naughty. But there are always chances that you’ll meet a bad one who will bring you round and round for hours before taking you to your destination. Or, not wanting to run the meter and says that the meter is broken. Or, the driver does have meter, but if you notice, the meter runs so fast. One very important rule here: before you get inside any taxi, please ask first if they have meter on. Even if they don’t have any meter on (by saying it’s broken or anything), make sure that you bargain the price first. Don’t just jump inside and tell him where you want to go without first asking how much the fare is.

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Traveling to Bandung should be easy and fun. So what are you waiting for? Let’s travel to Bandung!