Bandung Hotel

What to prepare when going for holiday in Bandung? Hotel? Tour package? Car hire? Fight ticket? Tour itinerary? Which one is the top priority? Wow! There seems to be so many important things that you have to do before going to one of the largest cities in Indonesia. But actually the most important thing that you should reserve other than flight ticket(s) is certainly the accommodation. But the question is now, what type of accommodation do you want? Is it a hotel? Or villa? Or apartment? Or even a guest house? Which location is best? To answer all these queries, you must first ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much budget do you have?
    Money is (again) the center of the topic here. There’s no use to choose a 5-star hotel if your budget is only for (sorry) a guest house. So how much money would you be willing to spend each night for accommodation? But the good news is, the hotel room rate in Indonesia (including the city of Bandung) is quite low compared to those in many countries in Asia. By paying only around Rp 350k per night you can stay at a 3-star hotel in Bandung.Also, traveling on weekdays would be a lot cheaper than if you travel on weekends or any holiday season as most hotels apply different rate on weekdays and weekends.
  2. What is your intention of going to Bandung? Is it for shopping most or sightseeing?
    If your main purpose is simply for shopping, then it’d be wise to choose a hotel which is located within walking distance to shopping paradise, such as factory outlet areas. But if you are not into shopping at all but love natural scenery, then it is no need for you to choose a hotel within the bustling, noisy and super crowded city center. Then a hotel located on hill side, for example, on highland Bandung, where the temperature is cooler with fresh air would be a delight for you.If you are traveling with small children, it’d also be a good idea if you choose an accommodation which is located quite close to a shopping center where you can find restaurants or food stalls or supermarket easily.
  3. How many persons are there traveling with you?
    If you are traveling with a bunch of your big family (uncle, auntie, cousins, nephews, nieces, in-laws, etc) then it would be a good idea of you can consider staying in a villa or apartment type of accommodation. It is because this type of accommodation can offer you much lower cost per person, especially if you stay in a villa that can accommodate more than 10 people all at once.
  4. What facility would you like to have within the accommodation?
    Would you like to have a swimming pool for the kids to play in? A lift or elevator for the elderly in your family? A 24-hour restaurant? Free wi-fi supported? Or even a vast parking space for your vehicle? Or may be a connecting room for the parents and the children?

If you are looking for a hotel near shopping center (factory outlet area) or close to eating places, below are the recommended ones:

So there are a lot of things that you must put into considerations before choosing the right accommodation for you all. Make sure that you don’t only check the review on 1 site only, but make sure that you check the reviews on several different sites to ensure its genuineness.