Bandung Holiday Package

If you take the north Bandung tour, below are the most popular places to visit that you can include within the 1-day itinerary tour:

  • Tangkuban Perahu volcano
    This very popular Bandung attraction is simply one of the volcanoes spread on Java island. Located at around 30 kilometers at northern Bandung, Tangkuban Perahu is considered one of the very active volcanoes in Indonesia which erupted last time in 2013.

Travelers can reach this place within 1 hour from Bandung downtown (in normal traffic) and can take much longer during holiday season.


Things to Do:

There are so many things that you can do in Tangkuban Perahu Bandung. Other than taking beautiful, scenic pictures with the craters at the background, you can also start your shopping adventure here as there are quite a lot of kiosks where you can buy local souvenirs such as key chains, fridge magnets, t-shirts, wind chimes, etc.  Just make sure that you bargain or compare prices among other sellers before you end up buying anything.


  • Hot spring resort

Actually there are a number of hot spring resorts in the area of the volcano but the famous one is Sari Ater hot spring resort which is usually very crowded during holiday season. There are two types of pools that you can find here which is the paid and free pool. If you have extra budget and not very keen on soaking in the crowded pool with strangers, then the private pool could be the answer. If you choose the private pool, they will lend you towel and give you soap and shampoo too. It is said that the maximum time of soaking in this hot sulfuric water is 30 minutes. However soaking in this hot water is not recommended for those suffering from heart problem or diabetes or high blood pressure. This place can be reached within less than 30 minutes from the volcano.


  • Floating Market

This place is considered very family-friendly as there are lots of places for children to play, such as fish and geese feeding area, mini flying fox and bikes for kids, etc. If you love kayaking or simply want to try riding a boat or sampan, then you must come to Floating Market. For those who love food and want to try local street food yet worried about the hygiene, then you should try all the local street food here. You can reach this place in around 20 minutes from the volcano.

Lembang floating market

Lembang floating market


  • Rainbow waterfall

If you love hiking and sightseeing, then you must come to see this beautiful rainbow waterfall. This place is nicknamed ‘rainbow waterfall’ because in the late afternoon the visitors can see the beautiful lights behind the waterfall that makes it colorful.


  • Bamboo Village

As the newly opened tourist attraction in Bandung, this place has attracted many visitors mainly from Jakarta. So what can we find here? For those who enjoy taking nice pictures, then it is a nice place to start. There is a lake where visitors can ride boats and food court to try local food. The main attractions to this place are actually ‘the bird nests’ and all the lovely huts surrounding the lake as well as the flower garden with a small river which is the favorite place to take pictures with.

So if you take 1-day north Bandung tour package, make sure that you include all the popular attractions above.

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