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Planning to have a memorable Bandung trip in the near future? Well, there are certainly things you should know about the city of Bandung, Indonesia, before you and your friends or family set your feet here. What about the weather here? Is it the right time for me to come to Bandung? Any recommended shopping? What about the food? Any night lives? Any interesting place(s) to visit? And last but not least, which hotel should we stay?

Well, planning a trip to Bandung is not as simple as some of you might think. But if you plan it carefully and do a little research here and there, it’s not impossible that you will have a wonderful time in Bandung. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Bandung travel package

Bandung travel package

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bandung airport transfer

Bandung Weather

First thing first, let’s check about Bandung weather. Are we coming at the right moment? When is the best time to go to Bandung? If you check the information about the weather in Bandung either online or even on TV, you might get confused information. It is because we all can’t really rely on weather forecast anymore especially due to global warming, everything changes now. What is supposed to be rainy season can have no or little rains at all and the other way round, what is supposed to be dry season can still have rains here and there. But if you insist on knowing the weather in Bandung, you can check the local news online and see if it has rained for the past few days. If it has, you can bet that it will also rain for the coming few days. In this way you can forecast the weather in the short term only but not in the long term.

Bandung Climate

As Bandung is located close to the equator, the climate in Bandung is not as cool as it is supposed to be, also the city falls into the category of tropical monsoon climate with high humidity and high rainfall.

Bandung Temperature

Compared to other big cities in Indonesia, Bandung is still considered to have the lowest temperature of all due to its location on high land (which is located at 768 meters above sea level in downtown area and even higher altitude on northern Bandung), ranging from 11 to 34°C, depending on location and time.

Bandung Trip’s Best Time

Secondly, when is the best time to travel to Bandung, meaning less traffic? If you do want to have a nice trip to Bandung, make sure that you check the Indonesian calendar first and see if the dates you choose are Indonesian public holidays or not. If they are, then be prepared to have more traffic than usual.



Most people never check the Indonesian calendar and only see their own country’s holiday season. If it doesn’t happen to be the same holiday season as it is in Indonesia, then it is fine. But if it happens to be the same holiday season in Indonesia too, then be prepared for the worst, traffic jam, crowded places, full hotels and restaurants, etc.

So when is the best time to travel to Bandung? Fasting month, definitely. If you come to Bandung during fasting month, or Ramadhan, which falls exactly 1 month before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, then you come at the right time. Almost everywhere you go there will be very little traffic. There is no crowd at shopping places and any other places you go. And to top it off, almost all hotels have room promotion (discounts).

On the other hand, never come to Bandung (or any other cities in Indonesia) during Indonesia’s public holidays, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya AIdil Fitri, Christmas to New Year, and long weekends. Traffic will be horrible.

So make sure to plan everything beforehand to make sure you have your Bandung trip a memorable one!

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