Bandung Shopping Tips

Going to Bandung for shopping? Then you definitely need these shopping tips below:

  1. Original or Fake?

If you are looking for original products, then going to factory outlets is not the best choice. The best place for shopping original products is at big shopping malls where you can find the official outlets of international branded products. Sometimes they have promotion such as buy 1 get 1 free or get 70% discount. If they are not having promotion, it’s very often that the products are not even cheaper than those sold at your home country.

However if you don’t really care about originality issue, then you can go to factory outlets or even Pasar Baru.

  1. Bargain or not?

If you’re going shopping at factory outlets or shopping malls, then it is definitely fixed price. However if you’re going to Pasar Baru or buying things at road side, then bargaining is a must. How low should I bargain? 50%? Bargaining at 50% lower is an old tactic which is already known by many sellers here. Try lower at 30% of the offered price, especially if you want to buy local souvenirs at Tangkuban Perahu volcano. Just be careful if you want to buy things there. You must have a heart to bargain as low as possible. For example, a black bracelet made of so-called the volcanic beads is usually offered at Rp 300,000 or even Rp 800,000. But guess how much the real price is if you buy this thing elsewhere? Only Rp 10,000 or Rp 15,000 top!

  1. Can try first or not?

If you want to buy clothes at a department store (shopping center) or factory outlet, then it would be best that you try everything first. They wouldn’t mind if their customers try their clothing first before buying.

  1. Safe or not?

Every time you go to crowded places, including factory outlets or Pasar Baru, then always beware of pickpockets! Never put your bag behind your body or put any money or mobile phone at your back pocket.

  1. Cash or credit?

Can I pay by credit card? All international outlets inside a shopping center and most factory outlets accept payment by credit card. However it’d be a good idea if you spare some cash in IDR in case you need to go for shopping extra. However there are some places in Bandung where you must pay in IDR at not by credit card. These places are Pasar Baru and at road side. Does anyone accept payment in foreign currency? Also most places accept cash payment in IDR and by credit card, there are still very few sellers who also accept payment in RM or SGD or USD, especially inside Pasar Baru Trade Center.

Heritage factory outlet in Bandung

factory outlets in Bandung

  1. When is the best time to go for shopping?

The best time for shopping here is definitely before noon, on weekdays. If you want to go for shopping in Bandung on the weekends or any holiday season, then be ready to face traffic jams or many crowds inside the factory outlets and shopping centers.

Happy shopping!