Bandung Holiday Package

Bandung Holiday Package – Highlight

If you like sightseeing and enjoying the nature and less shopping, then this Bandung Holiday Package would suit you best. This tour package will take you only to the very best of Bandung, such as visiting the active volcano, the floating market, the waterfall, hot spring resort, and also seeing the culture show.

Bandung Holiday Package

Bandung Holiday Package – Places to Visit

Below are the places you’ll visit in the Bandung holiday package:

  • Tangkuban Perahu active volcano
    Tangkuban Perahu is the closest active volcano from downtown Bandung. Situated around 30 km north of the city, this volcano has been the most popular tourist attraction in Bandung. Here you not only can go hiking or taking scenic pictures, but you can also buy souvenirs and handicrafts made by the locals. For those who’d like to try the local street food, you can start your culinary adventure here by trying the freshly barbequed corn or sticky rice cake which can only be found in this area.
    With elevation at 4,000 meters, this volcano is often covered by mist in the early morning or late afternoon. If you have more spare time, you can also go deeper into the volcano to see how the locals boil eggs in the boiling water in the crater.
  • Floating Market
    Located only around 20 minutes of driving from the volcano, this floating market is another popular tourist attraction in north Bandung. This family friendly place is a very good place for you to try local food and drinks at very affordable price. You can try the local meatballs and noodle, the legendary fried rice or noodle, the local pancake made of rice flour and coconut milk, and last but not least, you can also try the refreshing coconut water mixed with lime juice or the warming ginger drinks.
    If you like water sport, then you can try paddle boat or kayaking in the lake here as well.
  • Rainbow Waterfall
    This waterfall is another natural tourist attraction in north Bandung. Located quite close to the floating market, this waterfall is also regarded the highest waterfall in Bandung area. If you really like nature and its beautiful surrounding, then you must definitely include the visit to this magnificent place. This waterfall is also called the Amazing Race waterfall because this is the place which was the pitstop during the Amazing Race season 23.
  • Bamboo Village
    Another popular tourist destination is Bamboo Village. This place is very popular among the local tourists from Jakarta since as far as we can see is only the farm, the lake, trees, and flower garden. This is also the perfect place for you if you like taking pictures as there are so many nice objects you can take picture with within the area.
  • Forest Café
    As the most beautiful café in Indonesia, this is the must-visit place you must include into the Bandung tour The best time to visit this wonderful place would be in the evening when you can feel the romantic and exotic atmosphere at the same time.

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