South Bandung Day Tour

South Bandung Day Tour

Other than the north Bandung day tour, we also have south Bandung car rental, which is also truly unique and offers you different experience of sightseeing. Most tourist attractions in southern part of Bandung are located at Ciwidey area which takes around 2.5 hours of driving from the city of Bandung, making it impossible to visit both the northern and southern part within just 1 day.

Choose our Bandung tour below:

South Bandung Car Rental Highlight

The places included are as follow:

  • White Crater
    This is the most popular tourist attraction in south Bandung, which has attracted tens of thousands of visitors since it was first open to public in the year of 1987. This place was first discovered by a German botanist in the 19th century who realized there was a huge sulfur concentrate in the area. Then a sulfur mine was opened here by the Dutch during the Dutch occupation and later taken over by the Japanese. Now it has become the most popular tourist destination in West Java province due to its breathtaking natural view within the area with greenish to bluish lake.
  • Ranca Upas Deer Reservation
    Here you can see how the locals take good care of wild deer. If you like, you can also feed the deer or even take some pictures with them.
  • Tea plantation
    The tea plantation in Ciwidey is one of the most scenic views in south Bandung, making it another popular tourist destination for taking pictures. The hilly contour of the plantation makes it truly unique and different from any other tea plantations in Indonesia.
  • Patenggang Lake
    Here is another popular spot for taking pictures. Located just around 15 minutes of driving from the White Crater, you can also try local food within the area. If you like, you can also take a boat to go to a nearby so-called ‘Love’ island located just in the middle of the lake.
  • Glamping Ciwidey
    This is the place where you can have some dining experience on a giant boat overlooking the Patenggang Lake.
  • Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area
    Your south Bandung tour wouldn’t be complete without visiting the largest shoes shopping area in the city where you can find thousands of footwear of many styles and prices. Here you can stroll along the street where you can find lots of stores selling various kinds of footwear. You can also practice your bargaining skill here.

south bandung day tour

South Bandung Car Rental Itinerary

  • Pick up from Bandung airport or your hotel in Bandung
  • The White Crater
  • Tea plantation (photo stop)
  • Ranca Upas Deer Reservation
  • Patenggang Lake
  • Glamping Ciwidey
  • Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area
  • Drop off at your hotel in Bandung

Other places that you might be interested in visiting in southern part of Bandung:

  • Trans Studio
  • Strawberry farm
  • Sawung Gawir

As it takes roughly 2.5 hours (one way) within normal traffic to reach White Crater from downtown of Bandung, we’d strongly advise that you leave the hotel no later than 8 am.

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