4D3N North Bandung Car Rental

4D3N North Bandung Car Rental


Planning to come to Bandung in the near future? Why don’t you take our 4D3N north Bandung car rental which already includes airport to hotel return transfer? We provide only customized, private tour package, exclusive for your family and friends. Below is the itinerary for the 4D3N north Bandung holiday package:

4D3N North Bandung Car Rental Itinerary

Day 1

  • Meet and greet with our representative at Bandung airport.
  • Forest Café
    The first place that we are going to visit today is the one and only forest café, which is also known as one of the best cafes, not only in Bandung, but also in Indonesia. This is the place where you can have your meals at a very exotic place, amidst the ‘forest’. Enjoy the cool breeze and the traditional setting of West Javanese atmosphere which gives you a different kind of dining experience.
  • Bamboo Village
    Our next destination is the Bamboo Village Resort, where you can find many ornaments made of bamboo. This is also the place popular among the selfie enthusiasts. So if you are into photography, then this is the time to start taking as many pictures as you want to.
  • Rainbow Waterfall
    If you like nature and sightseeing, then the visit to this wonderful waterfall is definitely a must. This 87-meter waterfall is known as the highest waterfall in Bandung, making it the most popular waterfall in the city.
  • Check into the hotel.

bandung tour

Day 2

  • Tangkuban Perahu volcano
    After having breakfast at the hotel, today we are going to the most popular active volcano in West Java. On the way you can drop by at the popular fruit market at Lembang or simply stroll along the street to try local delicacies such as barbequed sticky rice cakes and fermented cassava.
  • Sari Ater hot spring resort
    Indonesia is famous for its volcanoes, and Bandung is one of the cities which has many hot spring resorts. This is the place where you can pamper yourself in the hot sulfuric water in the area.
  • Floating Market

As the newly opened resort, floating market is one of the most popular tourist destinations in north Bandung. If you are into culinary, then this is the perfect place where you can try local delicacies at very affordable price.

  • Shopping at factory outlets
    As a popular shopping haven in Indonesia, many people keep coming back to Bandung for shopping. Today you have the opportunity to go shopping at the most popular factory outlets in north Bandung.

Day 3

  • The Amazing Art World
    Although this place has only been open to public for less than 1 year, this place has attracted many domestic and international tourists since the first day it was open a few months ago.
  • Farm House
    Your visit to Bandung wouldn’t be complete without the visit to Farm House! This is a very well-known spot among the photographers as we can find so many lovely objects to take picture with within the area.
  • Japanese and Dutch Caves
    If you like to see historical places, then you must certainly come to visit these mysterious caves in north Bandung. Aside from the caves, you can also relax and enjoy the stunning view of forest surrounding the area.
  • Dinner on top of the hill
    At the end of the trip, feel the sensation of romantic dining on top of the hill where you can have dinner while enjoying the Bandung view at night.

Day 4

  • Check out of the hotel
  • Cake shop
    Spare some time to visit the largest cake shop in Bandung where you can find the famous layer cake and brownies.
  • Transfer to Bandung airport

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