1-Day Bandung Car Rental

1-Day Bandung Car Rental


If you’re looking for 1-day Bandung car rental, then you’ve come to the right place! We provide various Bandung car hire programs around Bandung city, from shopping tour, sightseeing (north or south) tour, cultural tour. All of our Bandung car rental itinerary is fully customized. Please read on to get more information regarding our 1-day Bandung tour packages:


1-Day Bandung Car Rental FAQs

A: What is the least number of tour participants of this 1-day Bandung car rental? I am a solo traveler, so can I join other group for this tour?
Q: Truly sorry that at this moment we organize private tours only. However if you are a solo traveler, you can hire our car, meaning only you and the driver (or with a tour guide).

A: What time does the tour start and what time does it end?
Q: Our tour lasts for 12 hours daily, meaning that if we pick you up at your hotel at 8 am, you’ll reach your hotel back at 8 pm.

A: Can I extend the day tour for more than 12 hours daily?
Q: No problem at all. As it is a private tour, you can definitely have more than 12 hours within a day, with an additional charge of Rp 75,000 per hour.

A: What type of vehicle do you provide us?
Q: We provide Toyota Avanza (and similar type) for small group (around 5 persons or less). All of our cars are very well maintained and our drivers are very experienced in taking care of English speaking customers from various countries. For larger groups, we provide larger transportation, including 11-seater to 19-seater van, and 31-seater tourism bus to 59-seater tourism bus.

A: Do I have to give tipping to the driver (or tour guide)?
Q: Actually our company does not have strict tipping policy and tipping is not compulsory in our tour packages. However if you feel satisfied with their service, please feel free to give them some tipping at the end of the tour.

A: What is the timing like?
Q: Because it is a private tour, timing is also flexible, meaning that you can organize your own timing for the itinerary. However in order to make sure that you cover the whole places within the itinerary, we’d suggest that you stay at one place no more than 1 to 1.5 hours. If you wish to stay longer at a particular place, then you’ll have to stay for shorter time at another place.

A: Can I have my own itinerary for the 1-day Bandung car rental?
Q: It is possible for you to have your own itinerary for the tour as long as all the places are located within the same area (northern or southern area).

A: Is it possible to have a day Bandung car rental that covers some places in the north and some in the south?
Q: We’re truly sorry that due to the far distance between the northern and southern part of Bandung, you need at least 2 days to visit places in both locations.

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Please feel don’t hesitate to contact us for more info regarding our 1-day Bandung car rental .